Thursday, 14 July 2011

Remnants of the past - Bogside Racecourse

Bogside Racecourse
First meeting 7th June 1808
Last Meeting 10th April 1965
Point to Point meetings held there until 1994

Bogside racecourse was situated near the town of Irvine on the banks of the River Irvine in Scotland. It was the home of the Scottish Grand National the race being transferred to Ayr following the closure of Bogside. Jockey Alec Russell rode all six winners at Bogside on Friday the 19th July 1957... Russell had also ridden the last winner at Lanark the previous day making it seven winners on the trot for the jockey.

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  1. My Name is Robert, I have recently gathered interest in the old Bogside Racecourse. Today I decided to visit and see what was left of the old course. Sadly to say there was very little left. I walked the hole track and great to see the concrete pillars are there and few parts with the wood barrier still intact. out the 9 fences there is 1 that still has the structure intact. when getting to the back of the course I spotted ruins of a building, I went over and took several pictures which I believe could have been the toilet facilities. What I would like to say is sad to see such a beautiful area getting left to be covered by moss ect.

    I believe it would be great if there was a guide who could do a history tour here, this would be great to enhanced my knowledge of the home of the Scottish Grand National.


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